About Us

The factory, built in 1996, has a well-operated history of nearly 30 years. It, originally known as Ruili Machinery Factory, is located in Dagezhuang Industrial Park, Yitang Town, Lanshan District, Linyi City, showing the superior geographical location.It is convenient to trade with many foreign countries. The factory has established trade relationships with India, the Philippines, Myanmar, Russia and other countries since its establishment, winning high praise and trust from various clients at home and broad.

The factory mainly manufactures automatic sawing machines (the pushing type, the roller type, the 3 × 6-feet type, the 4 × 8-feet type, with the thickness and material adjustable) and multi-blade saws. The products are of fine-quality material and long service life which greatly reduce the plate error and improve the processing efficiency, showing the professional and targeted features. Moreover, the design service of the saw-edge assembly lines of various plates, such as furniture plates, LVL directional plates and woodworking plates, is provided.

about us

The purpose of the factory is to provide the best quality, the best credit and the best service. Compared with other similar factories, we do more research and development work and produce automatic sawing machines of specialization, technicality and practicality. Factory direct sales, product specialty, fine quality and low prices and well-developed logistics form the advantages of the factory.


Our company, takes making the sawing machine as its main business, has been specialized in the sawing machine industry for ten years, and has a professional technical team. It has more professional research on the update of equipment, customer experience, and the classification needs of plates.

After-sales Service

Our company has after-sales service personnel, who can quickly solve problems. After-sales service is also the focus of the company, and has a good reputation among peers.

High degree of automation

The latest type of sawing machine equipment only needs one operator to complete the production, reducing the use of personnel and improving safety.

Work efficiency

Our company's sawing machine equipment has good performance and work efficiency, especially in the type of drum sawing machine, which can achieve 400 sawing edges (18 centimeters) per hour.